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Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter

Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter – The Newsletter of Chelonian Conservationists and Biologists (ISSN 1526-3096), was a non-peer-reviewed international newsletter dedicated to providing an open forum for the timely exchange of information on tortoise and freshwater turtle conservation and biology issues. It incorporated and merged the previous publications of the Newsletter of the IUCN Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group and the Box Turtle Research and Conservation Newsletter.

The Turtle and Tortoise Newsletter ceased publication after Issue Number 15 in January 2011.

Later issues of TTN (Nos. 9–15) were Edited by Chuck Schaffer and were available by subscription in conjunction with Chelonian Conservation and Biology from Allen Press. Previously published copies may still be purchased from Allen Press (chelonianjournals.org).

Older issues of TTN (Nos. 1–8) were Edited by Heather Kalb and Issues 1-7 are available for free download on our separate TTN site (click here to connect to the TTN site). However, Issue No. 8 was not digitized originally, but is now available for download here (Download TTN 8).