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Volume 1, Number 3- January 1995





JOSEPH A. BUTLER, RAY B. BOWMAN, FODD W. HULL, AND SCOTT SOWELL. Movements and home range of hatchling and yearling gopher tortoises, Gopherus Polyphemus. P. 173-180

OSCAR A. FLORES-VILLELA AND GEORGE R. ZUG . Reproductive biology of the chopontil, Claudius angustatus (Testudines: Kinosternidae), in southern Veracruz, M&eacutexico. P. 181-186

BRIAN O. BUTLER AND TERRY E. GRAHAM. Early post-emergent behavior and habitat selection in hatchling Blanding’s turtles, Emydoidea blandingii, in Massachusetts. P. 187-196

MICHAEL W. KLEMENS AND DON MOLL. An assessment of the effects of commercial exploitation on the pancake tortoise,Malacochersus tornieri, in Tanzania. P. 197-206

TERRY E. GRAHAM. Habitat use and population parameters of the spotted turtle, Clemmys guttata, a Species of Special Concern in Massachusetts. P. 207-214

NICOLAS BAYOFF. Observations and morphometric data on the Namaqualand speckled tortoise, Homopus signatus signatus (Gmelin, 1789), in South Africa. P. 215-220

Notes and Field Reports

Exploitation of the alligator snapping turtle, Macroclemys temninckii, in Louisiana: a case study. KEVIN SLOAN AND JEFFREY E. LOVICH. P. 221-222
Turtles at a market in western Yunnan: possible range extensions for some southern Asiatic chelonians in China and Myanmar. GERALD KUCHLING. P. 223-225
Reproductive biology of the Indian roofed turtle, Kachuga tecta, in Bangladesh. MD. LOKMAN HOSSAIN AND MD. SOHRAB UDDIN SARKER. P. 226
Incubation period and sex ratio of Hermann’s tortoise, Testudo hermanni boettgeri. BERT T. EENDEBAK. P. 227-230
Growth of head-started Kemp’s ridley sea turtles (Lepidochelys kempii) following release. CHARLES W. CAILLOUET, JR., CLARK T. FONTAINE, SHARON A. MANZELLA-TIRPAK, AND THEODORE D. WILLIAMS. P. 231-234


Population density of the steppe tortoise in some regions of the Almaty and Taldyqorghan Districts, Kazakhstan. RUDOLF A. KUBYKIN. [19881. Translation from Russian by CHERYL A. WHITE, arranged by JAMES R. BUSKIRK. P. 235

Commentaries and Reviews

Manipulating sex ratios: turtle speed ahead! N. MROSOVSKY AND MATTHEW H. GODFREY. P. 238
Workshop on the ecology, status, and management of the diamondback terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin), Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, 2 August 1994: final results and recommendations. Compiled by RICHARD A. SEIGEL AND J. WHITFIELD GIBBONS. P. 240
Turtle issues at CITES 1994. PETER C.H. PRITCHARD. P. 243
In Memoriam. Leo Brongersma – an appreciation. PETER C.H. PRITCHARD. P. 244-247

Newsnotes and Announcements

Chelonian Research Foundation Linnaeus Fund: 1994 grant recipients. P. 248
Research activities of the Sea Turtle Research Unit (SEATRU) of Universiti Pertanian Malaysia. P. 248
Centre de Reproducciá de Tortugues de I’Albera in Spain. P. 249
New publication on turtle and tortoise trade in the United States. P. 250
Chelonian Research Monographs, a new publication series by Chelonian Research Foundation. P. 250
15th Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation. P. 250

Recent Literature

Recent literature on freshwater turtles and tortoises. P. 251


IUCN/SSC Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group new members and address changes. P. 259

Advertising Section. P. 260

Cover Photograph: Hatchling Blanding’s turtle (Emydoidea blandingii) emerging from a nest in east-central Massachusetts, USA (carapace length 35 mm). Nest emergence occurs asynchronously far from wetland habitat and is followed by several days of overland travel; see article on pp. 187-196. (Photo by BRIAN O. BUTLER).