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Volume 3, Number 1- August 1998

Dipsochelys hololissa (Günther, 1877)



JUSTIN GERLACH AND LAURA CANNING. Taxonomy of Indian Ocean giant tortoises (Dipsochelys). P. 3.

ERTAN TASKAVAK AND MEHMET K. ATATÄR. Distribution and habitats of the Euphrates softshell turtle, Rafetus nifilis, in southeastern Anatolia Turkey, with observations on the biology and factors endangering its survival. P. 20.

VIVIAN P. PÁEZ AND BRIAN C. BOCK. Temperature effect on incubation period in the yellow-spotted turtle, Podocnemis unifilis, in the Columbian Amazon. P. 31.

RAYMOND A. SAUMURE AND J. ROGER BIDER. Impact of agricultural development on a population of wood turtles (Clemmys insculpta) in southern Québec, Canada. P. 37.

MICHAEL R.K. LAMBERT, KENNETH L.I. CAMPBELL, AND JONATHAN D. KABIGUMILA. On growth and morphometrics of leopard tortoises, Geochelone pardalis, in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, with observations on effects of brushfires and latitudinal variation in populations of eastern Africa. P. 46.

ROLDÁN A. VALVERDE, STEPHEN E. CORNELIUS, AND CLAUDETTE L. MO. Decline of the olive ridley sea turtle (Lepidoshelys olivacea) nesting assemblage at Nacite Beach, Santa Rosa Natinal Park, Costa Rica. P. 58.

STANLEY E. TRAUTH, J.D. WILHIDE, AND ANTHONY HOLT. Population structure and movement patterns of alligator snapping turtles (Macroclemys temminckii) in northeastern Arkansas. P. 64.

OWEN M. KINNEY, ROY D. NAGLE, AND JUSTIN D. CONGDON. Water transport by nesting painted turtles (Chrysemys picta marginata) in Michigan. P. 71.

KARAN A BAILEY AND CRAIG GUYER. Demography and poppulation status of the flattened musk turtle, Sternotherus depressus, in the Black Warrior River Basin of Alabama. P. 77.

Notes and Field Reports

SAMUEL S. SADOVE, ROBERT PISCIOTTA, AND ROBERT DIGIOVANNI. Assessment and initial treatment of cold-stunned sea turtles. P. 84.

TIEN-HSI CHEN AND KUANG-YANG LUE. Ecological notes on feral populations of Trachemys scripta elegans in northern Taiwan. P. 87.

PAOLO CASALE, GUIDO GEROSA, ROBERTO ARGANO, SLAVATORE BARBARO, AND GAETANO FONTANA. Testosterone titers of immature loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) incidentally caught in the central Mediterranean: a preliminary sex ratio study. P. 90.

C. ROBERT SHOOP, CAROL A. RUCKESCHEL, AND ROBERT D. KENNEY. Female-biased sex ratio of juvenile loggerhead sea turtles in Georgia. P. 93.

CARL H. ERNST, JAMES C. WILGENBUSCH, TIMOTHY P. BOUCHER, AND STEVEN W. SEKSCIENSKI. Morphogenesis of the fossil box turtle, Terrapene innoxia Hay 1916, from Florida. p. 99.

KURT A BUHLMANN AND TRACEY D. TUBERVILLE. Use of passive integrated transponder (PIT) tags for marking small freshwater turtles. P. 102.

TODD M. STEINER, RANDALL ARAUZ VARGAS, AND PANDORA MARTINEZ. First record of fibropapilloma on an olive ridley turtle in Nicaragua. P. 105.

LUCA LUISELLI. Food habits of the pelomedusid turtle Pelusios castaneus castaneus in southeastern Nigeria. P. 106.

R. BRUCE BURBY AND DAVID J. GERMANO. Annual deposition of scute rings in the western pond turtle, Clemmys marmorata. P. 108.

JOHN B. JENSEN. Bait preferences of southeastern United States Coastal Plain riverine turtles: fish or fowl? P. 109.

TERRY E. GRAHAM AND CYNTHIA B. COBB. Sexual dimorphism of neonate eastern spiny softshells, Apalone spinifera spinifera. P. 111.

JOHN B. IVERSON. Molecules, morphology, and mud turtle phylogenies (family Kinossternidae). P. 113.

Commentaries and Reviews

GERALD KUCHLING. How to minimize risk and optimize information gain in assessing reproductive condition and fecundity of live female chelonians. P. 118.

DAVID J. GERMANO AND R. BRUCE BURY. Age determination in turtles:evidence of annual deposition of scute rings.P. 123.

Linneaus Fund Research Reports

JUSTIN GERLACH AND LAURA CANNING. Identification of Seychelles giant tortoises. P. 133.

MICHAEL J. DRESLIK. Current status and conservation of the river cooter (Pseudimys concinna) in southern Illinois. P. 135.

PETER V. LINDEMAN. Of deadwood and map turtles (Graptemys): an analysis of species status for five species in three river drainages using replicated spotting-scope counts of basking turtles. P. 137.

DAWN S. WILSON. Nesting ecology of the striped nud turtle (Kinosternon baurii) in central Florida. P. 142.

ROBERT M. WINOKUR, MARTIN HICKS, AND NAOMI CHANEY. Morphology and histology of the digestive system of the desert tortoise, Gopherus agasizi. P. 144.

Turtle Poetry