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Rhodin Non-Turtle Publications





 (Non-turtle-related publications only, listed chronologically;
reprints available as downloadable pdf’s noted with highlighting)


1.    MITTERMEIER, RUSSELL A. and ANDERS G.J. RHODIN. 1971. Report on the possibilities for primate studies in Brazil and Colombia. Report to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature – Survival Service Commission. Private Distribution, 10 pp. (pdf)

2.    RHODIN, ANDERS G.J. 1973. Orientering och fortplantningsbeteende hos den amerikanska paddan, Bufo americanus. (Orientation and reproductive behavior of the American toad, Bufo americanus). [In Swedish]. Snoken – National Swedish Herpetological Association 3(2):19-24. (pdf)

3.    RHODIN, ANDERS G.J. and RUSSELL A. MITTERMEIER. 1973. From Hanover to the Amazon. Manuscript submitted to Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, Private Distribution, 14 pp. (pdf)

4.    RHODIN, ANDERS G.J., ARNOLD G. CORAN, WILLIAM H. WEINTRAUB, and JOHN R. WESLEY. 1979. Total body water changes during high volume peripheral hyperalimentation. Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics 148(2):196-200. (pdf)

5.    POLLEY, THEODORE Z., JON W. BENNER, ANDERS G.J. RHODIN, WILLIAM H. WEINTRAUB, and ARNOLD G. CORAN. 1979. Changes in total body water in infants receiving total intravenous nutrition. Journal of Surgical Research 26(5):555-559.

6.    OGDEN, JOHN A., GERALD J. CONLOGUE, and ANDERS G.J. RHODIN. 1981. Roentgenographic indicators of skeletal maturity in marine mammals (Cetacea). Skeletal Radiology 7(2):119-123. (pdf)

7.    RHODIN, ANDERS G.J. 1985. Geographic location of US APOs 31 and 323 in Netherlands New Guinea. Papua New Guinea Calling – Bulletin of the Papuan Philatelic Society 32(1):8-9. (pdf)

8.    RHODIN, ANDERS G.J. 1986. Asked and answered – members’ queries. New Zealand Forces cover. Papua New Guinea Calling – Bulletin of the Papuan Philatelic Society 32(4):14. (pdf)

9.    RHODIN, ANDERS G.J. 1986. RAAF censor marks with “B” numbers – supplement. Australian Forces Mail Research Group Newsletter 2(8):230.

10.    RHODIN, ANDERS G.J. 1986. Local mail within the New Guinea military theatre. Australian Forces Mail Research Group Newsletter 2(10):252. (pdf)

11.    RHODIN, ANDERS G.J. 1987. Australian Forces Unit Postal Station N.26 used in Papua New Guinea. Australian Forces Mail Research Group Newsletter 3(1):286. (pdf)

12.    RHODIN, ANDERS G.J. 1987. Postal history notes on Angoram, Ambunti, and Kavieng, Territory of New Guinea. Papua New Guinea Calling – Bulletin of the Papuan Philatelic Society 33(4):8-9. (pdf)

13.    RHODIN, ANDERS G.J. 1988. United States WWII censor labels used in Australia and New Guinea. Australian Forces Mail Research Group Newsletter 4(6):419. (pdf)

14.    RHODIN, ANDERS G.J. 1989. Universal Machine postmark dies of the Devens Branch of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, 1917-1920. Machine Cancel Forum 2(149):426-428. (pdf)

15.    RHODIN, ANDERS G.J. 1991. Managing skiers’ thumb. Trail Sweep – Eastern Division National Ski Patrol 34(3):13-15. (pdf)

16.    RHODIN, ANDERS G.J. 1991. Australian First Army Field Censorship Company – an additional cover. Papua New Guinea Calling – Bulletin of the Papuan Philatelic Society 37(4):10-11. (pdf)

17.    RHODIN, ANDERS G.J. (Editor). 1992. THORSTENSON, GUNNAR. 1937–1970. Samlade Skrifter samt Revyer och Annonser. (Collected Writings with Reviews and Announcements). [In Swedish]. Lunenburg, Massachusetts: Private Distribution, pp. 98.

18.    RHODIN, ANDERS G.J. and INGRID THORSTENSON FROSTE (Editors). 2007. THORSTENSON, GUNNAR. 1916. Ördalen—Stämningar och Berättelser från Skogsbygden (Vandring i Skillingmark i Värmland, 1916). Med fotografier och teckningar av Uno Åhrén. (Ördalen—Reflections and Folklore from the Countryside (Wanderings in Skillingmark in Värmland, 1916). With photos and drawings by Uno Åhrén). [In Swedish]. Buterud, Dalsland: Chelonian Research Foundation, Svenska Monografier, Number 1, pp. 72. (pdf)